Colby Covington Accuses Of Jon Jones Of Abusing Woman

The animosity between Colby Covington and Jon Jones is no secret. ‘Chaos’ is often seen taking shots at Jones and never misses a chance. Once again he took a shot at the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Kamaru Usman Allegedly Threatens To Quit UFC



Colby Covington takes a dig at Jon Jones

In September, Jon Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame along with Alexander Gustafsson for their iconic 2013 fight at UFC 165. Less than 12 hours later, the former 205-pound king was arrested in Las Vegas on charges of battery domestic violence and injuring and tampering with a vehicle. During an interview with MMA News, Covington commented on Jones’ recent battle with law and referred them to take a jibe at the fighter. The welterweight suggested that ‘Bones’ should not be allowed to compete in the UFC again:

“That guy [Jon Jones] is gonna continue to do, just you know, felon-type stuff, you know, criminal-type activities. That guy’s a piece of s**t, man. He’s a dirtbag… you put your hands on a woman, left her with marks and blood… it’s just despicable. It’s sad that he even has a job but you know, I think the UFC should just milk-out his career and not let him ever fight again because that guy shouldn’t be fighting. He doesn’t deserve to be in a cage and we don’t wanna see him lose any more brain cells because he’s already lost it. He’s completely lost in his head and fighting again is just gonna make him get worse.”

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