Colby Covington ‘Bad’ UFC Paycheck Leaks

UFC star Belal Muhammad recently called out Colby Covington. Muhammad is currently ranked No.9 and he is eyeing to have a battle with Covington in order to make his way up to the top of welterweight division.



He also went on to said how much he would make the pay-per-view sale in his possible match with Covington. Francis Ngannou ‘Forced To Delay’ UFC Fight

Belal Muhammad speculates how much Colby Covington would sale pay-per-views

Covington had made his come back and fought Tyron Woodley at UFC Vegas 11 last year. He then returned to the win ways with a fifth-round stoppage and resumed his calls for a title shot against Usman.

Muhammad spoke to John Morgan of MMA Junkie and believes Covington needed to be more active like the champion and other contenders like himself to truly earn that shot.

He said:

“Usman has fought three times since that fight, and you’re just sitting out. It’s not like you’re a huge pay-per-view draw. It’s not like like if I’m Usman, I’m like, ‘Yeah, let me get that Colby fight, I’m gonna get 800,000 pay-per-views.’ The first one did 200,000 pay-per-views, so it’s not like you’re going to make a big payday with that, regardless.”

We will have to see if Covington responds to the fight and they could settle things in the octagon very soon.

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