Colby Covington Drops Dustin Poirier Wife Bombshell

Colby Covington was recently on the Submission Radio show and he did not hold back at all on Dustin Poirier. Colby went so hard at Dustin that he even brought Poirier’s wife into the situation. You can’t miss what was said. Dustin Poirier’s ‘insane’ contract for his Conor McGregor fight has leaked.



As transcribed by Wrestling-Edge, Colby Covington stated the following: “You know, I don’t know what will happen. I know the kind of guy Dustin Poirier (he pronounces this as Dustin Sorryier) is. You know, everyone knows I have the video. I have the video, you know? This video was passed to me by someone who was sick of seeing the way that Dustin treated everyone in the public eye and behind closes doors. He was just sick of seeing that so he passed me the video. I can’t wait to release this video to the fans. They’re gonna lose their minds. They’re gonna know the real truth about Dustin Poirier. Not the gimmick that he plays.”

Colby continued: “Not the “nice guy – FAKE nice guy” that he plays on camera just to pretend, you know, and get himself some clicks and this and that. Dustin is nothing more than a piece of s***. He’s over here knocking out a guy – AN AMATURE that came in to help him. The guy came to help him, he’s a kick boxer. This isn’t Khabib. You’re not training with some high level fighter. You’re knocking this guy out and then you’re screaming “woo”? That’s embarrassing. I’m gonna release it to the fans. They can decide what they thing of Dustin. I can tell you the type of person Dustin is. He’s faker than his wife’s gimmicks on her chest.” Colby Covington Reveals Who Uses Steroids In UFC.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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