Colby Covington Girlfriend Drops Usman Bombshell

Colby Covington just can’t quit when it comes to trolling. He’s back at it again with trolling Usman. This time, Colby brought in his girlfriend and Google…



Colby had previously stated a few months ago about Usman: “That’s Marty Juiceman, he’s the CEO of EPO. Let’s be honest, how many guys do you see in their mid-30s that have craters? Literally, the craters on his face and back look bigger than they are on the moon. That’s saying something. He’s got craters on his face…All that back-ne, all that acne over his face c’mon you’re almost a 40-year-old man and you have acne still bro? You need to find a scientist.”

Colby uses ‘Marty Juiceman’ as Kamaru’s nickname. EPO is Erythropoietin, which is a peptide hormone that has been used as a performance enhancing drug. Colby is claiming that EPO is Kamaru’s secret to his winning.

Colby continued previously on Kamaru’s supposed PED usage: “Let’s talk about his hairline. What happened to that hairline? Last time I kicked him in the face he decided to let go of that hairline, just completely shave that head off, that ugly a** mug.”

Now, Colby is using his girlfriend to even further his assumption of Usman. His girlfriend was shown on Twitter asking Google: “Hey, Google. Who is the CEO of EPO?” Google replied: “Marty Juiceman is the CEO of EPO.”

Whether or not Usman is guilty of PED usage is not really here nor there and doesn’t exactly make a great point on Colby’s end as it’s almost a guarantee that 99% of professional athletes have used PEDs at least once to be on an elite level.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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