Colby Covington Is Finally Going To New Company

During a recent press conference for UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal shared his opinion on Colby Covington potentially getting a shot at the welterweight title. He brought up the brain injury claims made by Covington after their now-infamous incident at a Miami restaurant last year. Masvidal questioned the legality of Covington fighting for the belt given his alleged brain injury.



Masvidal did not hold back his thoughts on Covington, and he expressed himself with some colorful language. He claimed that he has three felonies on his record because of Covington’s claims of having a brain injury. Masvidal also asserted that, on a medical level, a person with a brain injury would not be allowed to fight.

Regarding Covington’s attendance at the upcoming event, Masvidal believed that it was a given. He referred to Covington as an attention-seeker and used some expletives to describe his behavior. According to Masvidal, Covington will undoubtedly show up and cause a ruckus, as he is the king of calling cops and engaging in inappropriate behavior.

In summary, Masvidal believes that Covington’s brain injury claims should be taken seriously, and he doubts whether the Californian should be allowed to fight for the welterweight title. Additionally, Masvidal thinks that Covington is a controversial figure who will undoubtedly make his presence felt at the upcoming event.

“Those things about Colby fighting Leon, those are rumors. That dude has a brain injury, like I said… I got three felonies on my head because this guy’s saying, “I got a brain injury.” I’m pretty sure on a medical level, you can’t fight if you have a brain injury.” Masvidal also had profanity-laced words for Covington as he answered whether or not ‘Chaos’ will attend the event this weekend. He said: “Of course. He’s an attention-seeking-a** wh**e, He’s going to be there… He’s going to be saying all types of crazy s***… He’s only the king of calling cops and sucking c****.”

Colby Covington said on Newsmax that he has interest in going to WWE and winning the world title.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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