Colby Covington Reveals ‘Fake’ Khabib Fight In Video

Colby Covington is one of the most infamous UFC fighters in the game today but also one of the most successful where he is a former UFC Welterweight Champion. Taking his infamy game to the next level, Covington recently took to social media via Twitter to post a sparring session of Dustin Poirier combating a sparring partner during training. Colby Covington recently leaked this Conor McGregor ‘retirement’ news.



The clip, which was filmed by Covington shows his former teammate dropping the amateur fighter. Covington would indicate on Twitter that the sparring partner, who had no credentials was supposed to represent and be a fraudulent version of ‘Khabib.’

The opinionated UFC fighter stated: “The guy wearing full nerf gear head to toe to protect his face and his feelings is Poirier. The guy with no headgear, wrestling credentials or brain cells left is “khabib.”Dustin Poirier Good guy? Bad guy? You be the judge”

In other news regarding Colby Covington, top UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa took a serious shot at the former champion during a recent edition of Michael Bisping’s podcast. Chiesa would question Covington’s drawing ability and his character as a person as he stated the following. Credit to BloodyElbow for the below.

“What’s more important in the sport? Winning fights and backing up a win streak, or just being a guy that just — think about the things that he says. He’s just out here offending people’s families, offending people’s religions. He’s just sitting on the sidelines making himself look like an a—hole. And not to mention, he didn’t even draw that many numbers! He thinks he’s this huge pay-per-view draw. F—k Colby Covington!”

Colby Covington’s girlfriend also recently dropped this Ursman bombshell Continuing the UFC welterweight added: “I think he’s a fierce competitor, but I just think he’s a s—t human being,” Chiesa said. “I think guys like me and Luque, and Leon Edwards, these guys that are actively fighting and striving to become number one contender, we should be rewarded with the opportunity to fight the champion.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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