Colby Covington Sad ‘Racism’ Accusation Leaks

Colby Covington is known as being one of the most outspoken personalities in the UFC today. While that has definitely made Covington a ‘must watch’ star, it definitely has made him controversial to in some cases, unliked. Colby Covington recently claimed he got an ex UFC star’s wife pregnant.



One man who does not like Covington is Ali Abdelaziz, the manager for Kamaru Usman. Abdelaziz would recently told MMAJunkie that not only is it time that his client put an end to his rivalry with Covington but also discussed how he believes Covington is, in his opinion a ‘racist scumbag’ and ‘bad person’. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“That’s the fight. Listen, last time they fought, he broke his jaw. This fight, I hope he becomes blind or something bad happens to him because he’s a very bad guy. He’s on the same piece of sh*t level as Conor. They’re head to head. He’s a racist scumbag. I think he plays the race card, but I think he really is. He insults people’s religion, wife. You see him talking about Dustin – he said Dustin Poirier’s wife is a prop. How are you gonna say that? This is a guy he used to train with, sweat with, eat with. How are you gonna talk about him like that.”

Colby Covington also recently dropped this Conor McGregor drug bombshell. The manager continued: “We know what happened last time when we met him at the Palm, and he called the police on Werdum and myself. I think Dana White is right: This is the fight. He’s the promoter and at the end of the day, you want Colby Covington drinking out of a straw or not walking for a year or two years because he’s a decent fighter. He’s not a great fighter. He’s gonna be there hanging out, but I believe Usman will hurt him really, really badly.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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