Colby Covington Threatens To Kill UFC Announcer In Video

Colby Covington, the No. 2-ranked welterweight contender, has recently been granted the opportunity to fight for the 170-pound title by Dana White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Covington, who has already had two unsuccessful attempts at the division crown, is determined to make it third time lucky and will not let anyone get in his way.



However, Covington has taken issue with Jon Anik, a longtime play-by-play man who recently expressed his sympathy for Belal Muhammad. Muhammad, who has a nine-fight unbeaten streak and hasn’t lost in over four years, was passed over by the UFC in favor of Covington, despite his impressive run in the 170-pound ranks.

Anik’s comments did not sit well with Covington, who accused Muhammad of being a racist for suggesting that Covington received preferential treatment from White. Muhammad’s now-deleted tweet alluded to the concept of white privilege.

Covington does not want Anik to take sides and attacked him in a recent interview with MMA Fighting. He accused Anik of being a hypocrite, claiming that he had previously flattered him in London, only to go behind his back and support a racist. Covington even went as far as to threaten Anik, warning him that he does not want his children to grow up without a father. He also reminded Anik that he lives in Boca, while he himself resides in Miami, not too far away. Covington warned Anik to shut his mouth and not poke the bear, or risk facing the consequences.
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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