Colby Covington Video After ‘Losing Tooth’ Leaks

UFC stars Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal were formerly close friends and teammates at the American Top Team gym in Florida. However, they fell out a few years back which led to Covington getting kicked out of the gym. Over the years, the rivalry between them sparked the fire. It recently took a personal turn after their grudge match at UFC 272. Covington and Masvidal headlined the show earlier this month. After five rounds, ‘Chaos’ picked up a unanimous decision after a remarkable performance.



Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640 South Florida broke the news that Covington and Masvidal broke out a scuffle at a restaurant called Papi Steak in Miami. The reporter added that cops were called to break up the fight.

It was noted that Covington was out partying with the NELK Boys. Bob Menery, a member of the group, stated that Masvidal instigated the fight in a recent pair of tweets. Menery said he’s disappointed with how ‘Gamebred’ handled his loss to Covington. Recently, a new video clip of the brawl between Covington and Masvidal started surfacing on social media. Covington was accused of losing a tooth in the brawl, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

Cops seemingly put an end to the brawl

The video clip doesn’t capture the fight but shows the aftermath. TMZ Sports obtained footage that shows police personnel surrounding Covington outside the popular Miami hotspot. ‘Chaos’ appeared to be talking to the responding officers, while Masvidal was nowhere to be found.

“How did he know I was here,” the multi-time UFC welterweight title challenger can be heard saying in the video.

During an interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Covington weighed in on Jon Jones’ breakup with his ex-fiancee Jessie Moses. Credit to the outlet for the following.

“I was giving him honest information. He finally… He used to beat her a lot, you know. A couple of times he left her bloodied but I guess he finally beat some sense into her. So she finally came to her senses that she needed to leave him. He’s a dirtbag, he’s a scumbag. Look at the guy, he’s just a complete criminal, felon. Just a piece of sh** demonic person. So, you know, I’m happy that she finally took the right measures and is getting some help in her life.”

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