Colby Covington Was Suspended For Embarrassing Reason

The UFC star Colby Covington recently slammed the reports that Kamaru Usman broke his jaw at UFC 245. However, a medical report from the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) showed that ‘Chaos’ indeed suffered a fractured jaw. Justin Gaethje Had Sad Medical Problem At Hotel



Colby Covington suspended

On Twitter, MMA journalist Danny Segura posted an excerpt from the NAC’s medical suspension for Covington. The report reads:

“Colby Covington: Suspended 180 days or until nondisplaced midline mandibular fracture is cleared by oral and maxillofacial surgeon; also suspended for 60 days with no contact for 45 days.”


Mandibular fractures are also known as fractures of the jaw. It occurs when there’s a crack through the mandibular bone.

It was previously reported that Covington broke his jaw after absorbing multiple shots from Usman in their first fight. ‘Chaos’ himself sparked the conversation around his injury as he was heard telling his coaches, “I think I broke my jaw,” moments before the fourth round. However, Covington has since claimed that he was never injured. He also disproved the legitimacy of a viral X-ray photo that many believed was his. We will have to see how this progresses.

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