Cole Mentions Daniel Bryan’s Concussion, Warrior Tweets During The Rumble, Roman Reigns

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans who impressed the most at the end of last night’s Royal Rumble match – Sheamus, Roman Reigns, CM Punk or Batista. With 13,000 votes cast, 55% of fans have voted for Reigns.



– The Ultimate Warrior tweeted the following during last night’s Rumble pay-per-view:

“Running 18yrs to end up back at WWE home, now they say run into Pittsburg, shake a few ropes, RUMBLE..DAMN! Blew a boot! Running past exit.”

“#RoyalRumble inspires many talent to race to the ring for the one night. Only one talent was inspired and inspiring enough to race to the ring every fucking night. #UW #NeverForget”

– While WWE still hasn’t confirmed Daniel Bryan’s concussion through their website or TV shows, Michael Cole mentioned on last night’s pay-per-view that there were “rumors of Bryan suffering a concussion” going around last week. As noted, a WWE spokesperson confirmed Bryan’s concussion.

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