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More on Cole Working Face, News from NXT Tryouts, Sheamus

– Below is the Sheamus promo that aired on last night’s WWE Main Event episode:

– We noted before that UK wrestling legend Robbie Brookside now has some kind of talent agreement with WWE developmental. Brookside brought several UK talents to the NXT tryout clinic this past week. This clinic saw more independent professional wrestlers than college football players and college wrestlers.

– We noted before that Michael Cole has been told to work more as a babyface, especially now that Jim Ross has been brought back to fill in for Jerry Lawler. It’s said that Vince McMahon is now set on Cole being a full-fledged babyface. Regarding JR, there’s a different mentality towards him right now than in the past.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Stevie P


    Vickie gets great heat. Cole was just annoying. I wonder if they’re gonna be using someone like JBL. He was a great heel announcer putting over the bad guys. That’s what Lawler did very well.

  • me

    Cole is like Vickie as heels, they aren’t entertaining like someone like Sandow or Del Rio are as heels, they’re just plain annoying and loud.

  • Joe John

    He didn’t mark out for him when they did commentary together.

  • chronoxiong

    Thank god. I never thought I would be so happy to see Cole as a face again. His heel act was annoying. But does this mean he is still going to mark out for The Miz?

  • eric

    Yeah i agree jim ross has been treated really bad. especially by vince mcbully. The broadcasters suck. very average. it is nice seeing broadcasters that know what they are talking about. As jbl and jim ross do. i would rather have jbl and cole on smackdown. jbl cole were good team on smackdown in 2006-2007. cole as face jbl as loud mouth heel. jr and stryker on raw would be good as well. raw jim ross and stryker. smackdown cole and jbl. would be great in my opinion.

  • Jerk Factor

    “Regarding JR, there‚Äôs a different mentality towards him right now than in the past.” Yep, basically because Lawler is out they need JR’s experience right now, so they won’t treat him like shit like they usually do? Vince is such a prick!