College Students Humiliate Joe Biden During Speech

On Sunday morning, President Joe Biden delivered the commencement address for the 2024 Morehouse College graduation ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia.



During the ceremony, Biden was conferred with an honorary doctorate degree from the private historically black men’s liberal arts college. Morehouse President David Thomas congratulated him, addressing him as “Dr. Joseph Biden.”

However, Biden’s appearance at the event was met with criticism from some quarters, particularly regarding his past statements and actions. Some have accused him of making racially insensitive remarks, such as when he once controversially stated that African Americans “ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him.

Furthermore, Biden’s claim during his address that he ran for office “to embrace the cause of civil rights” has been challenged by critics, who argue that he was not actively involved in the civil rights movement.

During Biden’s speech, a small number of Morehouse graduates reportedly turned their backs on him. While Biden did not directly address this action, his remarks touched on the widespread “anger and frustration” felt by many Americans, including over issues like the ongoing war, which has affected members of his own family.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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