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Colt Cabana takes shot at the WWE for racist gimmick?

Colt Cabana has gone on to become a legend on the independent wrestling scene. Cabana has had a long and storied career on the indies and has earned everyone’s respect throughout all these years. Cabana also had a brief stint in WWE under the name of “Scotty Goldman” which recently marked it’s ten year anniversary.

Cabana shared some photos from his first match in the big leagues against The Brian Kendrick. Cabana suspiciously took shots at the WWE for being racist against his character. Cabana implied that the WWE would have gone for a borderline anti-semitic name for him but it was already trademarked.

  • Soulshroude

    I’m confused. The Cabana post is very convoluted and doesn’t give any detail other than Cabana giving his own “opinion” and a few “names” being called into question as a character gimmick. I’m sure that Cabana may be butt hurt over not being hired again by the WWE and therefore will defame the company as much as possible, though his attitude toward his “friend” Punk, is questionable… at best, he just wants a chunk of someone’s pocket change and will go the way of the “backstabber” as time allows.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I’m not so sure. These are the same people that gave Mark Henry the gimmick “the Silverback”.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Hahaha, I highly doubt that the WWE would give anybody a name like that

  • Charlie Bronson

    He was just making a joke, get over it.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I don’t recall Scotty Goldman haggling on price or going to kosher delis. I do, however, remember Jindar meditating and coming out to Hindu music. I do remember Godfather talking about smoking weed. I do remember Tatanka doing war dances.

  • CC

    How is this racist? Cabana is Jewish and Goldman is a Jewish name. Maybe Jinder Mahal should cry racism because he has an Indian name. Or Drew McIntyre because he has been given a Scottish name.

    At worst it is a cliche, but certainly not racist.
    It’s not like they dressed him up as a Rabbi or something.