Concerning update on Paige’s status, Video of her injury

Update: Below is a fan-shot video of the spot where Paige got injured. In the start, you can see her taking an unexpected dropkick from Sasha Banks and then she struggles to get back on her feet as the referees throws the X sign:

The news of Paige possibly suffering a head injury during a recent WWE Live Event has spread like wildfire in the past couple of days and if you have visited any wrestling site recently, chances are that you are aware of it.

At the start, it was reported that the former Diva’s Champion was doing much better only a few hours after the incident, which allowed people to take a breath of relief.

However, the latest development on the situation might once again raise the concern of her fans as Pwinsider is now reporting that WWE has pulled her from all of their remaining Live Events of 2017.

While this may just be a precautional move from the Officials, the fact that they felt the need of it after the early reports of her being fine is still a concerning one.

Things become tricky if we consider the fact that she only returned to action a few weeks ago after spending almost a year on the shelf following a neck surgery.

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