Congressman Calls Trump ‘Woman Abuser’ On House Floor

Maryland Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin torched ex-President Donald Trump on the House floor with an epic ID intro that included calling him “the twice-impeached-inciter of insurrection-sexual abuser-defamer of women” and more via C-SPAN.



It has been noted that during House floor debate that eventually resulted in the censure of California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, Raskin ripped the proceeding as a distraction from Trump — to whom he referred with a lengthy Game of Thrones-style intro:

Today we meet not to lower the costs of prescription drugs. Nor to expand President Biden’s infrastructure plan, nor to protect the voting rights of the people, or in order to protect the health care choices of women across America. Because we know they’re definitely not interested in that.

Now we meet rather for another stop on the GOP’s endless revenge tour against Democrats who dared to tell the truth about Donald Trump and his repeated sellouts and betrayals of the American people over the last six years. It’s all about Donald Trump tightening his stranglehold over Republicans for the 2024 campaign and driving out anyone who dares to think for himself or herself.

But don’t take my word for it. Just read Friday’s statement by the twice-impeached-inciter of insurrection-sexual abuser-defamer of women and indicted pilferer of national security secrets, war plans and top secret classified documents himself.

On Friday, Trump posted this order to his followers in this unveiled threat to anyone who would dare to defy his control over the GOP. Quote “Any Republican voting against Adam Schiff’s censure or worse, should immediately be primaried,” he wrote.

The Luna resolution is a weapon of mass destruction from Trump’s indictment by a Florida grand jury on 37 federal charges relating to obstruction and unlawful retention of defense information for storing dozens of classified, secret and top secret documents at his Florida resort, in his bathroom, his bedroom and beyond, and then refusing repeatedly for more than a year to return any of these official documents to the archives and the FBI. It’s amazing to me that they have to change the subject from one of Donald Trump’s current offenses against America to one of his older offenses, welcoming Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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