Congressman Reveals Joe Biden Drug Accusation

It has been noted that a Republican in Congress has proposed legislation that would require notification when Joe Biden gets “juiced,” or given stimulants that can alter his mood and behavior via WND.



Biden’s swings in mood and performance have attracted headlines multiple times. At times he speaks in a whisper; other times he shouts for an entire speech. It is noted that there have been concerns raised publicly whether he’s being given stimulants on some occasions, amid behavior that voters by a large majority see as a signal of his declining physical and mental capabilities.

Fox News explained the plan is coming from U.S. Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., and would require “disclosure of the president’s stimulant consumption.”

Specifically, ahead of a looming debate scheduled between Biden and President Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden’s embarrassing outbursts of anger and incomprehensible speeches mirror the incalculable damage his policies have had on our nation,” the member of Congress told Fox News Digital.

“Frequently slurred speech, abnormally long pauses and the inability to string together five words in a coherent sentence have put Biden’s mental and physical decline on full display. It is unfair to the American people for the White House to be occupied by someone who is literally incapable of speaking.”

Ogles has labeled his bill the “No Juicing Joe Act” and stated that it was provoked by the refusal of the White House to test Biden’s cognition.

“Because they know he will fail miserably,” he explained.

When Trump was in office, and critics raised concerns about him, he voluntarily took a cognitive test and “aced” it. Ogles said it rests with Congress to ensure that the president, “whose office is the most powerful on earth,” remains accountable.

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