Conor McGregor Bad Message To Dustin Poirier Wife Leaks

Conor McGregor and Dustin Porier are on a collision course that will culminate at their highly hyped fight later this week on August 10th. However, there was been quite a bit of trash talk leading up to the event. In this latest, and very personal example. McGregor took to social media via Twitter to showcase a DM request from the wife of Dustin Poirier, Jolie. Conor McGregor recently got a ‘black eye’ in this leaked video.



However on social media via Twitter combat sports fans discussed this and had very negative reactions toward the ‘Notorious’ One.
On user @JennyDaviesxx proclaimed: “You boys be hating cause a women makes more money in her sleep then you do working 9/5’s. In the words of the man himself. Get the f**k outta here, you broke ass bums”. While @___crack__ stated: “Conor is like the popular kid on high school who went on to do nothing but be the popular kid on high school. His career is meaningless now, hasn’t won a meaningful fight in over 4 years, and is trying to be relevant.” Another user named @Lonelyfire chimed with: “How about you not share shit like this. I get you want an edge to the fight but she’s a good person and whatever this is has nothing to do with the fight.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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