Conor McGregor Calls Out ‘Scripted’ UFC Fighter

Conor McGregor has called out Kamaru Usman for ripping off his fight interview, appearing to stick to a script with previously used Conor lines, in a new video, which you can view below.



A potential future McGregor opponent is Jake Paul, but he’ll have to wait. Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is set to be one of the most epic clashes of the Summer as the YouTube sensation turned boxer takes on the four time UFC Welterweight Champion on August 28th. However, ahead of their highly-hyped encounter, it was recently reported by SportsKeeda that Jake Paul made quite the offer to the MMA star. Jake Paul recently ‘ripped off’ this top UFC star in a newly released photo.

In an offer that Tyron Woodley ultimately refused, the proposal would have seen Jake Paul double the prize purse for Woodley in case he case he won and due to the confidence of Paul. However, in addition, Woodley would have to donate his entire purse to a charity of Jake Paul’s choice.

Paul stated: “I told him I’ll pay you double your purse if you beat me. But if you lose, you have to pay your purse to my charity. He lacks confidence. Why wouldn’t you take that bet as a fighter if you knew you were going to win? To make double the money? This is the biggest pay day of your life and you can make double? Put your money where your mouth is.”

Jake Paul is currently undefeated in his campaign as a boxer with three wins and zero losses. In a recent conversation with Michael Bisping however, Woodley stated how confident he is that he will knock out ‘The Problem Child’ during their Summer fight. Credit to DAZN for the below.

“I think three (rounds),” Woodley said of when he’ll finish Paul. “First round sounds cocky, sounds dope, but I just know that if I’m fighting Tyron Woodley, everyone is going to tell him to cover up, weather the storm, clinch him, grab him, keep him away from you, stay at distance, watch out for the right hand. I’ve got to set a couple traps, so I may need a round or two to set some traps, see what he responds to, and I think third round I should be able to clean up the deal.” Jake Paul revealed some ’embarrassing’ Nate Diaz news not too long ago.

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