Conor McGregor crashes UFC press-event, attacks bus full of UFC fighters

It seems that Conor McGregor’s professional future may be dangling by a thread as the former UFC Lightweight champion caused a scene today at a UFC press conference. McGregor was upset when earlier in the day it was reported that UFC President Dana White planned to strip him of the UFC Lightweight Title.



White stated on Wednesday that he planned to strip McGregor of the title due to a lack of defenses from McGregor. An upcoming fight between Max Holloway and Khabib Nurmagomedov would decide a new champion. McGregor, upset with the decision, tweeted his response above.

Fighters were at the Barclays Center for a press conference for the upcoming UFC 223 event when McGregor showed up with his entourage to harass White and the fighters at the event. McGregor and his crew began attacking the bus the fighters were on, and a video caught McGregor throwing a dolly through the window of the bus, injuring UFC lightweight Michael Chiesa and another UFC employee.

McGregor also attempted to throw a barricade at the bus before he was stopped. His entourage continued to assault the bus until they disbanded. According to MMAJunkie, McGregor’s target was Nurmagomedov, who was involved in an altercation with McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov on Wednesday. According to Dana White, Lobov was apart of McGregor’s gang.

In an interview after the incident, White stated that an issue had been issued for McGregor by the NYPD, although that claim was shot down by Lt. Tarik Sheppard.

Right now, we don’t have units out there searching for him or anything like that. We’re just trying to make contact. If Mr. McGregor won’t come in, there’s an official way to go about it. Once a report is made and charges are filed, now it’s not we’re looking to speak to you we’re coming to speak to you. A warrant would be issued for your arrest. We’re nowhere near something like that right now.

White assumed that McGregor will more than likely turn himself in.

You can imagine he’s going to be sued beyond belief, and this was a real bad career move for him.

McGregor’s whereabouts are currently unknown. However, it seems that a return to the UFC is now unlikely. Dana White stated no more than 24 hours ago that he believed McGregor would be back in the Octagon this year, but clearly, that mindset has changed.

Conor McGregor was also, supposedly, going to appear at WrestleMania 34 this weekend, according to oddsmaker George Elek. However, with the bad press that he has accumulated over the past twenty-four hours, it seems unlikely that the WWE will want anything to do with him this Sunday.

Dana White’s full statement on the matter can be found below.

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