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Conor McGregor Criticizes Fat, 40-Year-Old Failed Mr. Olympia John Cena

Conor McGregor’s barrage on WWE superstars continues – this time John Cena is the one in the firing line.

During media for his his rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202 next Saturday, McGregor had the following comments for WWE’s ‘top guy.’

What’s the main guy? John Cena, He’s 40, he’s 40 years of age. He’s walking around in a luminous orange t-shirt and a headband talking about how nobody can see him, we can see him right there. He’s a big fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherf*cker.

The Irishman also took issue with ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair who recently intimated that individuals with an amateur wrestling background, such as Dolph Ziggler, could kick Conor’s ass:

I don’t know what to say to Ric Flair. This ain’t no gimmick, this is the real sh*t. I’ve got to get in and fight a man for real. With no script, with no nothing. He was talking about bringing some other wrestler guys out to challenge me, come bring it then. This is the real sh*t over here, if you want to come over we can fight no problem. A few of them are talking about the street and all. If they want to do that, come at me and see what happens.

McGregor closed by putting over Vince McMahon and old school wrestlers, but slating the current ‘new generation’ of dweebs.

Like I said, no disrespect to the dons of the game, the McMahons.

Vinny Mac is a f*cking legend. They wrote Vinny off a few years ago when he dropped from the billions and then he rose back up and now he’s back in the billionaire club. What he’s been able to do with that bunch of dweebs he has over there at the moment has been phenomenal and I respect him for that. And then of course the OGs of the game, The Rock, Stone Cold, they’re all cool motherf—ers. Even Ric Flair is a cool motherf—er.

I’m just speaking the truth. That new age, those guys are absolute dweebs. They just seem messed up in the head. I don’t know what it is. When I listen to them talk, when I listen to them carry themselves, they just don’t seem right in the head.

Any thoughts, guys? We are sure there will be some…

  • JLong34

    Sounds like a guy thats afraid his popularity is weakening. Before he started talking about WWE it was reported that ticket sales for 202 aren’t up to previous McGregor levels. Only a few sections are sold out and they’re in the nosebleeds. While Summerslam is pretty much sold out. As much as UFC hates it, UFC and WWE share a lot of fans and maybe McGregor is worried those fans are gonna spend money to watch Summerslam instead of watching his fight.

  • MrDr3w

    If this is a work, then this is exactly the same thing they did with Lesnar when he came in. Former UFC champ thinks he’s an unstoppable badass who can beat up the entire WWE roster and expose “professional wrestling” as a fraud. The only difference was that Lesnar is scary, McGregor is just an annoying, whiny jackass. My guess is Lesnar/McGregor have a faceoff at WM33 and Lesnar drops him and gets a huge pop.

  • The Killswitch

    The 80s called, they want their glasses back.

  • JC Bolden


  • JC Bolden

    You must be a Cena hater. What valid point did he make to agree with? He’s not 40 and he’s not fat and the orange shirt has been gone for a while. He’s been a top a lot longer than this cat could ever imagine being. I’m not a huge Cena fan BTW. I respect his work ethic and dedication which isn’t even up for debate. And as far as Mr Olympia I’d bet good money Cena is waaaaay stronger than this dude.

  • D2K


  • Mister Who

    Hahaha, I’m beginning to like Conor McGregor now, I agree with what he said about Joke Cena

  • Elbillug Sredaer Detinu

    Cena v McGreggor WM33?

    Boring. Now if it was AJ Styles v McGreggor that would be far better match.

    A redneck homophobe v a galic homophobe.

  • CC

    this guy is getting boring now. I don’t care if its real or a set up for a match in WWE, its boring and pathetic

  • JC Bolden

    That big Dewhicky country strong boy would hurt this ufc chump

  • D2K

    This guy has no promo skill at all. He’s just embarrassing to listen to.

  • norm

    at least Cena doesn’t look like he’s on cocaine with stupid rebellious teenager tattoes and no teeth.