Conor McGregor Drops UFC Star’s Mom Bombshell

The former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor was recently asked a bunch of questions by the fans on Twitter which ‘The Notorious One’ went on to answer.



Conor McGregor opens up on Daniel Cormier

During the Q&A session, one of the fans had asked McGregor about the journalist who often makes remarks against him.

“Whats your thoughts on journalist who always talk against you”

The Irishman went on  to reply that he understands the business well and the problem arises when the one side of the story is shared and according to ‘The Notorious One’, that is not ‘professionalism’.  Khabib Drops Kamaru Usman Bombshell In Photo

He said:

“I understand the business fully. It’s when it’s covered solely one sided is the issue. That is not professionalism. That is moms basement. Dc hooks a tripod/camera up the box room of his house. It’s garbage.”

Another asked who was McGregor’s biggest support in his journey as The Irishman replied:

“My beautiful mother, now in her beautiful mansion.”

He was also questioned by the fans about ‘Conor Junior’ as he went on to respond saying:

“That kid of mine is going to do whatever he wants in this world. I will support him all the way tho whatever he chooses! I feel he will do it tho. I feel his younger brother Rían will also. Interesting times ahead. I will be happy just as long as they are happy.”

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