Conor McGregor FaceTime Call On Drugs Leaks

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the most popular stars in all of the MMA world and he also knows when to have a good time, most notably with his use of cannabis. Conor McGregor’s surprising haircut photo also recently leaked. 



Conor McGregor recently took to his Instagram and uploaded a hilarious video of himself with a Scary Movie format where he could be seen smoking a joint.

Big blunts

During the UFC 265 fight week, Michael Chandler talked about Conor McGregor and explained why McGregor is still so popular.

“I’m sure he has sent out tweets that he regrets, I’m sure he has said things he regrets. But he has a way of captivating people. That’s why we all tune in to watch Conor McGregor. He captivates you – not just your fighting senses, when you want to watch a fight, it doesn’t just interest your imagination when it comes to watching fights and watching the competition. You’re seeing a real life superhero to a lot of people. People think he is like a superhero. He has won only one fight in the lightweight division in the last couple of years or whatever his record is in the lightweight division, yet people think he is a superhero because of the character that he is, the character that he plays, for better or worse, whether it is real or just for the cameras or just for the shows,”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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