Conor McGregor Humiliates Sean Hannity In Video

Conor McGregor made Sean Hannity uncomfortable when he dropped an F-bomb on his Fox News show on Wednesday night.



Jake Paul is currently one of the most prominent figures in professional boxing, having recently suffered a loss to Tommy Fury. Following this, he was confronted by Floyd Mayweather in Miami, which sparked a media frenzy. However, UFC President Dana White has expressed his skepticism regarding the incident, believing it to be a staged act.

The confrontation occurred after a Heat-Cavs game in south Florida, where Mayweather approached Paul due to comments he had made in the past. Mayweather was reportedly outraged by the remarks, which he felt were disrespectful, especially considering his deceased relative. Paul, who was accompanied by only one security guard at the time, subsequently ran away from the legendary boxer.

“Is that real? I just can’t see Floyd doing that. I can’t see Floyd rolling up on somebody and doing that. It’s not Floyd’s style. It’s not really his personality. I thought it was a skit.

I’m not buying it. When was the last time you saw Floyd Mayweather act like a thug and roll up on somebody with 50 people? That’s just not what Floyd does. Yeah, I’m not buying it.”

White questioned the authenticity of the whole incident and stated that he does not believe it was genuine, describing it as out of character for Mayweather. Paul later challenged Mayweather to a boxing match, but it remains to be seen whether it will ever again.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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