Conor McGregor ‘Mental Breakdown’ During UFC 265 Leaks

Conor McGregor while being one of the most popular fighters in modern UFC history has seemingly had more of a temper than usual after his shocking loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 where he broke his leg in the first minutes of the opening round. Conor McGregor ‘ripped off’ this top boxer in this recently released photo.



In a now deleted tweet, McGregor has seemingly went off on fans during the the opening moments of UFC 265 as the Infamous one took to the social media platform to state a truly bizarre proclamation: “If I was water loading and yous bums where on fire I wouldn’t even piss on ya’s.”

In other news regarding Conor McGregor, UFC 265 competitor and top bantamweight Johnny Munhoz recently stated to MMAmania that McGregor has ‘lost touch’ with what brought him success in the combat sports world and has stated that he hast lost respect over Mystic Mac’s latest round of trash talking antics. He told the outlet the following remarks.

“To me, it was probably one of the most strategic, smartest ways that anybody could climb up the ranks to get the belt and make a s—t ton of money. I think he did it the smart way. I don’t think you can hate on that. He came from nothing. He was a plumber. His girlfriend supported him. He came to the UFC, started knocking people out and running his mouth. I really respected that about him. His philosophy on the law of attraction,” “But where he is now, I’ve lost respect for him for sure. I think he lost touch with how he got there. I feel as a fighter you can’t lose touch with what got you there. You have to follow the same principles that got you there. It keeps you hungry. People can say, ‘What do you know? You have one fight in the UFC. McGregor will smash you.’ You’ll always get haters like that, but that’s just what I see. Conor McGregor was ‘confronted’ by this Khabib fan in new video

“I respect his come up,” he continued. “I wish he could go back to that. His last fight, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t lose some respect for him. That’s not the McGregor I like to see. There is a certain limit when you’re doing that. You should leave family members out of it. It’s just between you and one other man or woman in that cage. To me, it’s free game if you’re going to bash them and run their mouth. But I think you should leave other people out of it.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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