Conor McGregor ‘Permanent Damage’ To Leg Leaks

The former UFC referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy recently opened up on the injury that Conor McGregor suffered against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.



The Notorious One underwent surgery and got a titanium rod implant. The renowned combat sports official claims that, if anything, it’s going to be a deterrent.

John McCarthy discusses the problems Conor McGregor will face

McCarthy spoke with former UFC lightweight Josh Thompson on the Weighing In podcast and said that he is interested in seeing how McGregor performs after he recovers from his broken tibia. Dustin Poirier Leaks Bad Conor McGregor Phone Photos

He said:

“[Conor McGregor] talked about how he’s got a titanium rod in his leg,” McCarthy said. “He goes, ‘I have a titanium leg. Now when I kick people, now watch what happens.’ Oh I’m gonna watch what happens because I guarantee you, it’s gonna hurt you a whole lot more than it hurts them.”

Thompson, who himself has a titanium implant in his left ankle, confirmed that kicking with a surgically repaired leg could be painful. The retired MMA fighter said:

“It’s gonna f***ing kill you. I’ve got a titanium plate in my ankle, my left ankle with nine screws. If you kick the bag the wrong way, that shit hurts. It hurts bad!”

Thompson added that the presence of a titanium rod takes away the leg’s functionality. He shared his own experiences. He said:

“There’s no flexibility either on your foot. In your ankle, there’s no flexibility because those screws and that plate don’t move. They f***ing hold it. So when you think your foot is gonna flex or that bone is gonna bend at all, it doesn’t do it anymore. The titanium rod keeps it there.”

McGregor will be out for several months and he is not returning anytime soon. We will have to how he performs upon his return.

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