Conor McGregor Reveals Sad Truth About Julianna Pena

The former UFC Double Champion Conor McGregor took note of the UFC 277 headliner. Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes were involved in a bloody and brutal fight in the headliner of the recently concluded UFC 277 pay-per-view. The fight gave the crowd plenty to cheer for over five violent rounds of action. While ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ showed indomitable spirit despite being bloodied and bruised throughout the fight. But she lost the women’s bantamweight title via a lopsided unanimous decision. Nunes’ vicious counter-striking proved to be the difference between the ladies on the feet in the first three rounds.



Conor McGregor opens up on the UFC 277 main event

The Irishman shared his thoughts on the gruesome and bloody battle at the event. He said:

“It’s remarkable to me, the similarity of last night’s ladies bantamweight title fight rematch, to mine and Diaz—the McGregor Diaz fights,” Conor McGregor explained in a series of recorded messages posted to his Twitter account. “Fight number one: the highly touted—the GOAT of the sport—me/Amanda Nunes; sheer toughness, willingness to fight, and caught off-guard. Eats a couple of shots, gives a couple of shots, then eats a couple of shots, then the tide turns—then gets choked.

“Now the return, the rematch; now confidence on the other side. Tenacity, toughness, all that still there. More focused work on the Nunes side/my side. The reason I’m even saying this, originally, is I’m a fan of both women. I’m a huge fan of both those women—Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena—and everyone who steps inside that f***ing Octagon, to be honest, and makes the walk. And at the end of the original bout, ‘I’m not surprised, mother****ers!’ And then, again, ‘I’m not surprised, motherf***ers!’ Julianna says it. And maaaan, the fight goes the exact same way in the second fight; dropped multiple times, just better prepared. Cracks the shots, gets the drop multiple times, but then the toughness just still there, still in Amanda’s face, still in my face.

“Some fights they are. They’re iconic mixed martial arts bouts that we’re all lucky to witness. And it’s mad that, you know, double-champ, double-champ. ‘I’m not surprised,’ ‘I’m not suprised.’ I dunno, it’s a madhouse scene…”

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