Conor McGregor ‘Rips Off’ Former WWE Star?

Conor McGregor seems to have stolen a name from a legendary WWE star. If Conor isn’t careful, he could catch some backlash for this or even run into the star himself. I wonder how a match between he and this star would go…Conor McGregor Posts ‘Racial Slur’ Fan Message.



Conor McGregor stated on his Twitter: “I’m gonna get jacked and then party. Happy Saturday everybody! #BigPoppaPump”. This seems innocent enough and it’s nothing to really write home about. That is, unless you’re a professional wrestling fan.

As many remember, Scott Steiner used the moniker of ‘Big Poppa Pump’ for many years during his run as a professional wrestler. Conor has never really said too much about professional wrestling, so it’s not certain if this was all a coincidence or if the UFC star was shouting out one of his favorites. We’ll keep this one as a toss up. If Conor hashtags with ‘Freakazilla’ or ‘The Big Bad Booty Daddy’ next, then we’ll know where his allegiance is.

As respect for WWE stars might be at a high for Conor, it looks like his respect for fellow UFC stars has dwindled over recent years according to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s longtime coach Javier Mendez.
As many remember, Conor McGregor Tweeted a vicious tweet about Khabib’s father who passed away. This made so many fans lose respect for Conor and it also got Javier Mendez feeling a certain way.

Javier stated: “He’s got all the money, but he doesn’t have the one thing he used to have: The respect of the whole world as a fighter. Maybe he’s angry because he doesn’t have that anymore. I just know he should have never texted those words, ever.”

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