Conor McGregor Sad DM To Dillon Danis Leaks

Conor McGregor tweeted to Dillon Danis after his humiliating loss to Logan Paul. He wrote, “I was impressed by @dillondanis.” He also posted an audio message for Dillon.



“Ya know what. Me and KSI is an exciting fight. A juicy nixer I used to call them back when I was a plumber now I’m on the lambo yacht he’s in a huracan.”

Sean Strickland, a UFC fighter known for both his unexpected victory in what’s been called the biggest upset in UFC middleweight history and his candid and unfiltered social media presence, couldn’t resist chiming in on the recent news that the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) will not be renewing its contract with the UFC. Strickland, known by his nickname ‘Tarzan,’ used his signature humor to react to the situation.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Strickland playfully teased the potential consequences of USADA’s departure, suggesting that with the agency leaving the UFC by January of the next year, every fighter on the roster might start turning to performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). He took his jest further by asking his fans for recommendations, facetiously claiming to be unfamiliar with PEDs.

In a tweet, Strickland remarked, “You guys… did you hear?!? We’re all gonna be juiced up soon!!!! Lmao…. #USADA Any recommendations? I’m kinda new at this….”

Although Strickland’s comments were delivered in a light-hearted and humorous manner, they reflect a broader issue that the UFC must confront, particularly in light of the heightened scrutiny surrounding drug-testing in combat sports. Regardless of the humorous tone, Strickland’s post underscored the departure of USADA and the need for the UFC to navigate the complex landscape of drug testing in the sport.

Strickland’s wit aside, some fans and members of the MMA community have put forward various speculations to explain the reasons behind USADA’s abrupt exit. One theory suggests that USADA’s initial involvement with the UFC may have been driven by the desire to enhance the organization’s appeal ahead of a prior sale to Endeavor. On the other hand, some have proposed that the UFC decided to sever its relationship with USADA, despite a prior contract extension being in the works. This potential decision could have stemmed from USADA’s handling of Conor McGregor’s return to the sport.

In McGregor’s case, the UFC allegedly sought a drug-testing exemption for the Irish fighter, which would have allowed him to bypass the mandatory six-month re-entry period into USADA’s drug-testing pool. However, USADA’s reported refusal to grant this special treatment may have contributed to what some fans perceive as a strained relationship between the agency and the UFC. The future of drug testing in the UFC remains an area of ongoing discussion and speculation.

You guys…. did you hear?!? Were all gonna be juiced up soon!!!!!!!! Lmao…. #USADA Any recommendations? I’m kinda new at this….”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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