Conor McGregor Spotted With Arnold Schwarenegger Girlfriend

UFC megastar Conor McGregor has certainly drawn some inspiration from legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is one of the biggest fans of the seven-time Mr. Olympia. However, once the ultimate Schwarzenegger “fan” took it to the next level with a risky yet fun video on social media.



Conor McGregor was spotted with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physical therapist

In 2021, when McGregor was recovering from a shin injury, the fans sent him “recovery” messages. Even during this time, “The Notorious” did not fail to entertain his fans. In a video posted to thank his fans, the UFC star was seen riding a bike, portraying himself as the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger in the second ‘Terminator’ movie.

In the video, McGregor said:

“You know guys, I was talking to my physical therapist Heather, who is with Arnold Schwarzenegger, I told her ‘Look, I am like Arnie in Terminator 2’, you know what I mean.”

He then zoomed his selfie camera towards himself, riding the bike with one leg up and grabbing passerby’s attention on a Californian street.

The Champion UFC fighter seemed absolutely delighted and carefree even after undergoing the shin surgery. He also thanked his fans for all their well-wishes regarding his surgery. McGregor who was busy enjoying the bike ride concluded the video by muttering a famous song track from the Terminator 2 movie. The two legends have interacted in the past, and also praised each other for their work.

However, the boxer appeared to be living his Holywood “fanboy” dream. McGregor, who is mesmerized by Schwarzenegger and his work, had once called the bodybuilder his “father”.

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