Conor McGregor UFC 264 Huge Paycheck Leaks

UFC 264 featuring the final chapter in the trilogy between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor is set to be one of the most highly-anticipated fight cards in UFC memory. However, how much will the two fighters earn for their much-hyped encounter? Watchalong UFC 264 HERE.



During their last battle against one another Conor McGregor made an impressive 3.04 million dollars while Poirier made $830,000. These figures are exclusive of pay-per-view bonuses but are inclusive of money made on the show and sponsorship bonuses.

However, this time around both stand to do much better financially as according to SportingFree, McGregor is speculated to earn a guaranteed purse of $3 million dollars and an overall check of $10 million. Poirier is set to earn around one million dollars, once again exclusive of cuts from the pay-per-view itself.

However, this payday is a haircut compared to the guaranteed paycheck of $30 million that McGregor made in his infamous 2017 fight against Floyd Mayweather. This top boxer recently made a ‘crazy’ Conor McGregor bet.

Over on the ever-popular UFC subreddit, combat sports fans are abuzz about the upcoming match and predicting what will happen during tonight’s mega-encounter. One user by the username Efficient_Pack934 made his case for Conor McGregor when responding to a thread about which fighter will come out on top.

The user said: “Conor. His timing will be better he was just missing Dustin behind the ear. I had Conor winning one, and round two until his leg gave out. He was stronger than Dustin and was doing better striking wise upstairs while controlling the pace of the fight. Conor lost to Diaz and came back better. He’s shown he is able to add in new weapons into his game quickly. Dustin is a great boxer but Connor’s range and accuracy is better. Also the cowboy fight was too far back and to short to knock of Conor’s ring rust.

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