Conspiracy Theorist Tried To Die For Trump By…

It has come to light that a Florida man armed with conspiracy theory “propaganda” flyers recently set himself on fire outside Manhattan Criminal Court Friday while former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial was underway as per the police via NY Post.



It has been noted that Max Azzarello, 37, of St. Augustine, Florida, shuffled into the public park across the street from the 100 Centre Street courthouse after 1:30 p.m. just as the jury was finalized in the historic case, according to cops.

It has been revealed that once inside the park, which was surrounded by barricades for Trump’s trial, Azzarello took off his jacket, dumped what cops believe was an alcohol-based cleaning accelerant over himself — and then lit himself up.

“He’s on fire and the area in the park where some of the accelerant spilled is also on fire,” NYPD Chief of Department, Jeffrey Maddrey, said as he described the horror.

“Civilians, court officers, members of the police department, they run into the park, they make efforts to put him out. They use their coats, they use fire extinguishers.”

Disturbing footage from the scene showed Azzarello completely in flames for several minutes as his blackened body twitched on the ground while horrified witnesses screamed in the background.

Just seconds before lighting himself up, Azzarello had reached into a book bag and brought out a stack of colorful pamphlets that he tossed into the air — including some that linked to a Substack page with the heading, “I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial.”

In a rambling, incoherent 2,648-word manifesto posted online prior to the ordeal, Azzarello — who identified himself as an investigative researcher — said he had self-immolated as an “extreme act of protest” over a “totalitarian con” and impending “apocalyptic fascist world coup.”

“The pamphlets appear to be propaganda-based, almost a conspiracy theory type of pamphlet,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said.

“Some information in regards to Ponzi scheme and the fact that some of our local educational institutes are fronts for the mob. So, a little bit of a conspiracy theory going on here.”


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