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Conspiracy theorists will love this because Bayley might not be injured?


Bayley is injured and had to forfeit her #1 contendership for Alexa Bliss’s Raw Women’s Championship. The two were set to do battle in Brooklyn at SummerSlam but it looks like that match isn’t going to happen.

Most people can thank Nia Jax for the reason why Bayley is out with a separated shoulder injury. But if you’re one to believe in conspiracy theories then there’s a new one about Bayley and it’s a good one.

D-Generation X was recently celebrating their 20 Year Anniversary and many WWE superstars came out in full force to celebrate this big achievement in WWE history. Superstars like The Hardy Boyz, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jason Jordan, Breezango and more posed with DX shirts on to mark this awesome day. One of the pictures even featured Bayley and her BFF Sasha Banks as they sported DX gear and posed in those familiar ways.

But some fans noticed how Bayley was posing in a way she wouldn’t be able to if she had a separated shoulder. With her arms raised high above her head as she made an “X” like she was a referee notifying the back that someone had been legitimately hurt in the ring, Bayley did not appear to be actually injured herself.

While it might be totally possible these pictures were taken a long time ago and stored away in preparation for DX’s 20-year mark, The Hugger still found it necessary to feed the conspiracy theories even more with her coy responses.

It would be nice if Bayley wasn’t really injured and this was all a work. But only time will tell if she’ll get back into the swing of things and how long it will take. But by the looks of this picture she looks plenty ready to step back into the ring right now because her shoulder looks like it’s all better.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s actually a really nice picture….

  • Solid

    It’s funny, either I missed it the first 2 times I read this, or like other “articles” in the past someone has come along and edited it in. 🙂

  • Will Henderson

    it’s not the first time WWE fooled us with a injury angle where it looked legit but it wasn’t. if this is a work, then WWE did a great job of fooling us and they had a clever plan to book Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss for SummerSlam to raise the storyline stakes, as in Sasha wins #1 contendership against Nia Jax by avenging her friend who was injured by Nia Jax and then can set it up for a heel turn for either Bayley or Sasha Banks after SummerSlam.

  • RawkDrummer

    Wow!! It says that exact same thing in the article….

  • Solid

    Or, you know, WWE knew well in advance that DX’s 20th anniversary was coming up (duh) and all these pics were taken well in advance…..