Corey Graves gets merch…and it’s perfect

Corey Graves has spent the better part of two years shutting down his broadcast partners on commentary on the main roster, and it seems the WWE has finally decided to reward his behavior with a t-shirt.



The Savior of Misbehavior has made cracks and sarcastic remarks at the expense of Michael Cole, JBL, Booker T, Jonathan Coachman and Tom Phillips.  However, his pure on-screen disdain for Byron Saxton is a whole different situation. The amount of insults Graves throws Saxton each and every week on Smackdown Live is hilarious yet downright cruel…

Which is why getting some merchandise fueled by that hatred is truly beautiful. Corey Graves’ iconic catchphrase has now been immortalized on an authentic WWE T-shirt. That’s gotta burn for Saxton.

Congrats to Graves on finally getting some merch of his own on

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