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Corey Graves on his relationship with CM Punk

Corey Graves and CM Punk both have many tattoos, so fans compared the two back when Graves was in NXT. Now Punk is trying his hand at MMA commentary and Graves has since then retired from the ring and is working as part of the commentary team in WWE.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Corey Graves talked about being compared to Punk a few years ago. He revealed that they continued until recently. However, he never found it bothersome as Punk was a huge influence for Graves early on in his career. Graves also explained how close he and Punk were.

“I get that a lot. [Punk] and I, up until semi-recently, were always close friends. He actually held my first-born kid before I did. I was in Spain. I knew my son was going to be born, and it became, ‘okay, do I take this tour of Spain to support my child or am I actually going to be in Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania] for him to be born.”
“Punk was actually in town getting surgery of some sort. He buzzed me and asked if I minded if he goes and see [my] kid? So, he and I were super tight. I had learned a lot from him, and different paths happened, and different career choices are made. He and I don’t speak with each other anymore, but I never take that as an insult when they say that they see a lot of him in me because he helped me out a lot early in my career.


Punk still has people in WWE who he used to be good friends with but they might not have talked in a long time.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’ve never heard anyone compare Graves to Punk.

  • CC

    Many people have said the same of Punk (Jericho springs to mind here too) that they were friends with him, but over time they have lost contact.

    I don’t think that is a big deal really, but I am sure some people will call him on it. We all have friends who we drift apart from over the years, and with Punk moving away from wrestling it makes sense that most people from that business probably slip away in his mind.