Corey Graves on how talent feel about flying to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel

The Saudi Arabian shows of WWE have always been controversial and while no WWE star has came out to oppose the same in public, a number of them have refused to work the event in the past.



During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated to promote his new WWE podcast dubbed After the Bell, Corey Graves discussed a number of things and he talked about the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV as well.

Discussing the talents’ perspective on these shows, the former NXT Star claimed that while it’s a grueling trip to make, most talent like it because it’s a pretty good pay day:

“It’s a long, grueling trip over there, but most of the talent like it because it’s a pretty good pay day, to me, it’s super exciting to have these totally unusual attractions like Cain Velasquez-Brock Strowman and Tyson Fury-Braun Strowman. If you take any sort of political feeling out of the equation, aren’t you, as a fan of WWE, aren’t you curious and excited to watch these attractions?”

Graves went on to claim that anyone who works for any company has things they love and things they don’t love and said that they are focused on flying back to Buffalo for SmackDown the next day.

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