Corey Graves on which WWE superstar deserves a push

A lot of superstars have praised Big E as a potential future world champion and Corey Graves joined this list recently by praising the New Day member.



Graves talked about a number of things during the latest episode of his new WWE podcast After The Bell and he also revealed which star he believes should receive a singles push.

The former NXT star picked up one-half of the current SmackDown tag team champions for the role recalling how he is a former NXT and Intercontinental Champion:

“This should be the opportunity for Big E’s big, singles breakout performance. Now, I’m not saying to break up The New Day. They’ve gone on the record a million times and said, ‘Nope, they want to stay a unit forever’, and I don’t want to be the one to argue. But people forget that Big E was a former NXT Champion, Big E was a former [Intercontinental Champion] very shortly into his WWE career and that was when he was still figuring things out.”

Continuing on the topic, Corey Graves said that Big E has a future World Champion written all over him and claimed that we haven’t even scratched the tip of the iceberg of what the New Day member is capable of as a performer.

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