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Corey Graves receives heat for comments about Velveteen Dream, ”Apologizes” afterwards

Corey Graves watched Halftime Heat, as did those who wanted to watch an action-packed match. He merely had one question during the match.

He took to Twitter and asked why The Velveteen Dream wasn’t on the main roster yet. This drew a lot of criticism from the Internet Wrestling Community. They mentioned how Now Way Jose doesn’t need to compete in the kickoff show and generally criticized Vince McMahon’s way of booking the product.

Graves replied shortly after, where he was surprised by the negative reaction to his harmless question.

“Wow. The internet sure has an amazing way of turning a compliment into something negative.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but for some reason, I still am.”
Graves then decided to ”apologize” for what he said on Twitter.
”Dear , I apologize. You should NEVER aspire to take your talents to the global stage, or the money that comes with it. The internet has taught me that it’s bad for you. Sincere apologies, Graves”
 We will have to wait and see when Velveteen Dream gets called up to the main roster. However, the fans’ concern for the call-up is understandable, as there is a possibility he might not do well on the main roster.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I hope WWE doesn’t worry about what internet thinks to much looks like lot of people are to sensetive these days. I don’t think Graves should have to apologize for a thing.

  • Robert

    Sanity, Aop, Nakamura, and Asuka. How do you have BOTH rumble winners lose at Mania? Then have Asuka lose twice vs Carmela.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    That’s usually not what happens when NXT members get called up. Balor, Joe, Roode and Andrade are just some of the victims of this flooded, horribly booked main roster.

  • Will Henderson

    he’s apologizing cause they thought he was trashing Dream when in actuality, he wants Dream to be on the main roster ASAP tearing it up.