Corey Graves Text Message To Dana Brooke Leaks

Dana Brooke is an active Superstar on the Monday Night RAW roster. Dana Brooke also fired back at Corey Graves last month. 



Corey Graves made some scathing remarks about Dana Brooke on Monday Night RAW, which raised a lot of questions. Graves recently spoke on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, where Corey Graves revealed that he event sent a text to Dana Broke, saying that he never meant anything personal regarding his remarks.

“99.9% of the time, everybody realizes that it’s just me doing what I do. I love walking the line and being provocative. I also make sure, and I try to take great care, that I don’t ever harm anybody from a character perspective. I always want to make people better. For instance, the Dana Brooke issue, I actually sent her a text message the next morning saying, ‘Hey, no hard feelings, it wasn’t personal.’ Full disclosure, I don’t know what’s going to happen on these shows. I am reacting. That’s my choice. There have been times where I sat in production meetings and I have ideas, but I prefer to not know what’s happening because I like to think my reactions are more genuine, I get to use my wit a little bit better.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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