Corey Graves unhappy with SmackDown segment

SmackDown announcer Corey Graves has become known for his unabashed opinion on the current WWE product as the former NXT Superstar never shies away from speaking his mind on his podcast After The Bell.



On the most recent episode of the podcast, Graves talked about the segment involving Elias, Dana Brooke and Drake Maverick where Elias spanked Maverick in the middle of the ring. Not impressed with the angle at all, Graves said that the segment made his skin crawl and that it was worse than the Lana-Rusev-Lashley storyline on RAW.

While The 35-year-old stated that he has enjoyed Elias’ work as a bad guy in the past, he did not think the segment on SmackDown was fun in any way, saying that he found it bad. Even though many fans may support Graves in his thinking, there is no denying that the live audience was certainly enjoying Elias and Dana Brooke humiliating Maverick on SmackDown last week.


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