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Corey Graves & wife separated for months, finalizing divorce

Over the weekend, Corey Graves’ wife Amy Polinsky took to her Instagram account and proceeded to air some of their dirty laundry online. Polinsky accused her husband of cheating on her with WWE Superstar Carmella. However, seems that was only one side of the story as it turns out that Graves and his wife were already separated at the time of his accused infidelity.

According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Graves and Polinsky have been involved in divorce proceedings for nearly six months. Graves and his soon-to-be ex-wife have also not been living together for the last two months.

Graves told his wife over the weekend that he started a relationship with another woman after he moved out of their home. It was then that Polinsky decided to say all she did on Instagram.

It is also being said that Graves actually did not cheat on his wife with Carmella as he was accused. Graves apparently had already moved out of their house by then, and that his divorce from Amy Polinsky is nearly finalized.

  • Kyle Abraham

    My ex wife and I separated 6 months before our divorce was finalized. Per the letter of the law where I live, I was free and clear to start a new relationship during that time with no impact to the divorce proceedings, and I did. To call starting a relationship when your marriage is over except for a piece of paper being signed “cheating” is asinine.

  • CC

    No, there was one wrestler bad mouthing Cena at the time (Kenny Dykstra), and he was essentially trying to character assassinate Cena (I don’t even like Cena and I could see through his lies), and other wrestlers etc shot his statements down.
    I also remember that the bulk of the wrestling community, even the Cena haters, saw through all that BS and Dykstra was pretty much proved to just have an axe to grind and soon vanished.

  • oppa

    I also remember multiple wrestlers talking about how Cena would brag about cheating on his wife and how he got with Mickey James while she was engaged. For all we know, they both could have been stepping out on each other. But the way this sounds, either Amy was under the impression that they were trying to work things out or the timeline may indicate that Corey and Carmella were together at a time when they shouldn’t have been. Whatever the truth is, and likely neither will tell the whole truth, I can’t condone her putting his desire to die out like that. And with WWE threatening to sue, clearly they are trying to protect Corey when they should probably stay out of this.

  • CC

    Does not sound very amicable to me. Plus we all know that a bit of fame, and a non-famous spouse will try to get as much money out of them as possible, often by making stuff up.
    Remember when Cena’s ex-wife tried to make stuff up.

  • oppa

    True. Both of them could have been sleeping around for all we know. And this isn’t the first time Carmella’s name has come up as sleeping with a wrestler who was transitioning out of a relationship. Who knows what she was told by him and who knows if Corey’s wife did or didn’t have someone else in the house while he was on the road.

  • oppa

    Amicable divorces can be settled very quickly and often times are. Heck, you can actually get a divorce without lawyers being involved if you look up how to do it. When people argue over money and things, it can take forever. It’s clear that he’s not getting full custody and will need to pay child and spousal support out the wazoo for years. He probably could have settled this faster and quieter than what he did.

  • CC

    No it isn’t. That is absolutely ridiculous.
    Divorce proceedings take forever to go through, so are you saying that you should not be able to see someone while you are not even seeing your wife/husband anymore?

    If you think that is cheating, you have a very blinkered view on life.

  • Robert Siddon

    Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re separated or not. Separated is still married, and sleeping with another woman is still cheating.

  • Keith Learmonth

    To be fair, it is still all “he said, she said”.

    We’ve got no idea why they’re getting divorced. He might’ve slept with Carmella a year ago. He just as easily might not have. Does it really matter, as long as he keeps being the same slimeball announcer?