Cory Sandhagen Reveals Truth About UFC Judges

Cory Sandhagen is one of the most talented bantamweight fighters in the UFC today. Although he came up short against TJ Dillashaw during their fight at UFC Vegas 32 he clearly gave it his all and the fight went the distance.
In a new interview with Morning Kombat, Sandhagen reflected on the match stating that differing perspectives can make fight results difficult. Credit to SportsKeeda for the following quote. This UFC commentator recently sent a bold message to Sandhagen’s UFC Vegas opponent.



“I got to watch the fight yesterday too and there’s kind of a lot of different ways that I think you could rank the values of what wins a fight. Everyone has a different perspective on it and I think that’s what makes the results sometimes so frustrating because everyone is, kind of just, on their own page about what winning the fight actually looks like. And you know, some people think that it’s aggression or walking forward and being the aggressor. And then some people think that it’s the person that does more damage, some people think that it’s the person that outscores the person, some people think it’s the control.”

Over on the ever-popular UFC subreddit, combat sports fans gave their assessment on the fight between TJ Dillashaw and Cory Sandhagen. One user named RealisticallyTrippin said: “As close as it was, Cory won. But TJ will see more PPVs, stans will pay n haters will pay hoping to see him get rocked. We seen Sterling beat Cory already… so TJ vs him for the Belt or a bloodbath vs Petr has a better ring to it in Dana’s head…. I put everything on it being decided that if it looked close enough to the average fan, TJ was getting the decision…. It’s all about the benjamins”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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