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Could Big Cass have another surgery?

Big Cass Daniel Bryan

The reports of Big Cass having backstage heat became a hot topic of discussion last week and soon afterward he was removed from the announced Money In The Bank qualifier match, which only added up to the rumors.

While WWE had reported that Cass was not cleared to compete after suffering a leg injury at a Live Event, many believed that the whole thing is a work, though now it appears that the situation is more serious than first thought.

Pwinsider had previously revealed that Cass was noticeably limping backstage during SmackDown Live this week and now in an update, they report that he is back on crutches.

The site goes on to speculate about the future of the SmackDown Star and notes how it will be really bad for him if he ends up having another surgery after recovering from one just a few weeks ago.

Big Cass suffered a knee injury back in August last year and later it was revealed that he has suffered a torn ACL. If he ends up having another surgery of similar type than Big Cass could miss somewhere between 6 to 9 months.

  • CC

    In this day and age of Super Cena and his super recoveries, other wrestlers now feel that if they do not rush back they will look weak compared to him, so many of them come back before they are ready.
    I don’t feel this is the case with Paige though, as I feel her injury was so severe that it was only a matter of time before she was re-injured. In the case of Big Cass though, I would question if he came back too early.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I don’t think Big Cass is going to make it in the WWE.

  • BleepBleepBeep

    I bet he was rushed back too soon. They need to let this guy rest and recoup for real, keep him out of the gym and let him really recover. Then bring him back, and pair him with Drew Mac, they would be big money together.

  • Will Henderson

    i wonder if he did rush back way to soon.