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Could Nia Jax be ready in time for the Royal Rumble?

The next major PPV for WWE is the Royal Rumble, one of the most exciting events of the year. Between the shocking debuts, returns, and swerves, it always proves to be an unforgettable evening for WWE fans. According to Dave Meltzer, one surprise may involve the former RAW Women’s Champion.

On Twitter, Meltzer responded to a fan who asked if either Nia Jax or Ruby Riott could be ready by the Rumble. According to him, it’s not guaranteed, but Nia Jax could make a surprising return at the event.

Back in April, following WrestleMania, it was announced that Jax would miss around nine months in the ring. She reportedly suffered an ACL tear in both knees.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I watch Nyla’s matches, never noticed any near injuries. I’d rather see Nyla than Awesome Kong anyday. But frankly I couldn’t care less if any wrestler talks ever! I just watch matches & skip the rest.

  • Mike the Ike

    Nyla can’t talk worth a damn and just watch Nyla’s matches, every other move is either a botch or damn near an injury. Reckless and untalented and only signed so that AEW can be “on the right side of history”.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    What’s so bad about Nyla? Did she injure someone?

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I agree with all of that, except when you talk down Yoko. He could MOVE for somebody that weighs 600lbs

  • Whistling Joe

    Accurate. WWE needs to cut the dead weight in the women’s division on the main roster. Can Nia, Tamina, Naomi, and Mickie James(since they’re only going to use her as a jobber) and bring up Io, Toni Storm, Bianca Bel Air, and Shayna.

  • Whistling Joe

    I am so sick of the Anoa’i family being held in such high regard, as if every one in the family is better than the last. They aren’t the Harts, hell, they aren’t even the Rhodes. Outside of the Rock(who isn’t even really an Anoa’i), none of them are really any good. Yokazuna was just a big fat guy, Rikishi was entertaining for about five minutes, and the rest aren’t worth remembering. Joe could be something, but Roman Reigns flat out sucks. The ONLY reason Nia was even hired was because of her last name and the fact she is over 100lbs overweight. That’s it.

  • Rinn13

    The better question is: Who cares? And also, if she comes back, who will she injure this time?

    She is seriously one of the absolute worst women wrestlers out there right now, though honestly Charlotte gives her a run for her money. I’d say that “Nyla Rose” is on par, but honestly, that’s insulting to Nia, AND that’s a dude.

  • CC

    I honestly cannot remember a time a wrestler was as universally disliked as her.
    I think X-Pac heat should be renamed.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That’s cold CC lol

  • CC

    So was this guy on Twitter asking because he is her only fan or because he is dreading it and wants to prepare himself, like most of wrestling fandom?

  • Sparti Love

    Tessa Blanchard would be the only woman I’d want to show up at the Rumble

  • Dirt McGirt

    Let’s hope not. We need women on the roster who know what they’re doing.