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So we’ve finally made it past all the road blocks, bumps, potholes and accidents. The road to Wrestlemania culminates in a few short hours. The fuse is lit, the powder keg is ready to burst and all that remains to be seen is whether Wrestlemania 27 will be a megaton burst or a firecracker pop. It seems highly unlike that we’ll get the latter, however you really never know when it comes down to the WWE. Remember, these are the people who want to eliminate the world “wrestling” and just be known as WWE. That sad fact aside, there are several burning questions that we will finally get the answer to tonight, and others we may still have to wait for. Lets take a look at some of these questions.

“Who gets more crowd heat, Vickie Guerrero or Snooki?”
Definitely an interesting question. Vickie is by far the WWE’s Queen of heat. The crowd goes absolutely insane when she comes out to the ring and, speaking from experience, it is deafening. Rightfully so, though. Vickie is an amazing heel and her ability to get anyone to hate her is amazing, she could teach some of the boys a thing or two about turning the crowd. Snooki on the other hand gets more of what would be considered an anti-pop. The crowd on Monday didn’t seem to care one way or another about her when they showed the video package. The previous week when she was in the ring it didn’t seem as though her presence was all that meaningful. If WWE believes that having Snooki in the ring is going to increase their buyrate, well they may be right. Someone who can watch Jersey Shore for a prolonged period of time and actually like Snooki may indeed be stupid enough to pay $60 for the chance to see her at Wrestlemania. On the other hand it seems difficult to imagine fans of Jersey Shore having the money to order a PPV, let alone the intellectual know how to access their cable providers website to do so.

“Does Michael Cole’s inevitable beating by Lawler mean he will leave the broadcast team?”
In a word: please. Yes there are some people who enjoy Cole’s heel commentator role, and perhaps were he doing color instead of play by play it would make a little more sense, however love his character or hate it its hard to deny when it comes down to matches like Undertaker vs Triple H, John Cena vs The Miz and Edge vs Alberto Del Rio, that Good Ole JR would be the best choice to be selling these matches. It appears as though the only person who isn’t aware that Jim Ross is by far the best WWE has to offer when it comes to commentary is, well, Vince McMahon. At your biggest show of the year, when your biggest angles coming to fruition, with the Rock being involved and Stone Cold returning to referee, don’t you want THE voice of WWE, Jim Ross, to be calling this? Imagine the difference between seeing highlights of Wrestlemania next year, seeing moves and moments from all the matches. Do you want to hear Jim Ross’ voice or Michael Cole’s? This isn’t a hard one to answer. The problem is, WWE seems to be pretty high on Cole and it remains to be seen if their recent alliance with GLAAD in conjunction with Cole’s recent twitter debacle will make a difference in his direction following Wrestlemania.

“Will the anonymous Raw GM finally be revealed?”
This storyline seems to have been pushed aside in recent weeks, so the idea of it being revealed during Wrestlemania seems less likely than one would have thought two months ago. Perhaps the reveal of the GM will be saved for something like, Summerslam? However, this question has been burning in the minds of fans for quite a long time now and Wrestlemania is often the time of surprises so perhaps we’ll get a little something special here? Doubtful, though it would be nice to finally answer all of those questions. It appears that this is a storyline WWE just doesn’t feel is finished yet, they can get a little more mileage out of it. It seemed that the most probable anonymous GM is Michael Cole, so is it possible this plays into the reveal? I’m going out on a limb here and saying the anonymous GM remains anonymous for now.

“Does the Rock get involved in the Cena / Miz title match?”
For those of you who have forgotten, which is understandable considering even WWE doesn’t seem to care, John Cena is wrestling the Miz for the WWE title. Their storyline got lost in the shuffle what with the Rock being around and John Cena being more concerned about the Rock making fun of him than the fact that for several weeks in a row the Miz ended Raw by beating him down. Of course it’d be too much to ask for John Cena to actually sell an injury, unless of course the Miz beat him down with kryptonite. That aside, Cena left the Rock laying in the ring Monday Night and it is to be expected that the Rock will want revenge tonight. The question is, will the Rock seek that revenge at the cost of John Cena’s title shot? The smart money here says that one of two possibilities occurs tonight: The Miz retains the title due to the Rock interfering or the Rock somehow gets his hands on the title. The latter seems much less likely but imagine the excitement of seeing the Rock vs John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE title. Doubtful but a possibility. I put the probability in favor of Miz retaining, which opens the door for a Rock and Cena feud while allowing Miz to go on and feud with someone new.

“Will Christian support Edge in his match, or turn and cost him the match?”
Finally, the last question which is burning on this columnists mind. We’ve seen little signs of it, the fans have begged for it, and the outcome of it could be incredible. Will we finally see Christian turn and face Edge in a feud? Imagine the possibilities. Granted this would more than likely mean we see Alberto Del Rio win the world heavyweight title, which is likely anyway. However, Edge and Christian is a feud that many fans have been looking forward to for a long time. These two know each other well and could probably pull off a couple of great matches. Not to mention this could also catapult Christian back into the main event where he has been aiming for since his return. This remains to be seen, though it seems more than likely we will get something here. There doesn’t seem to be any other reason to have Christian involved in this match in the first place.

So there you have it, some questions that we’re hoping to see get answered tonight. I know, some of you are wondering why I didn’t have any questions regarding the Undertaker vs Triple H. I suppose that would be because is there honestly any doubt that Undertaker will win and continue the streak? As a little bonus question here, I’d say the bigger question is: “Does Shawn Michaels get involved in this match somehow?” Maybe even someone else, like a member of the Kliq? Like, perhaps, a Kevin Nash who has lost to the Undertaker at WM before? We will see. As for tonight, Wrestlemania is always awesome and I truly hope all of you enjoy it. For those of you who are on twitter you can find me @onecountkickout where I will be tweeting all through Wrestlemania tonight. The road to Wrestlemania ends tonight.

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