‘Coup’ To Eliminate Joe Biden Revealed

President Joe Biden was set up in a ‘soft coup’ to expel him, a top Democratic insider claimed via Daily Mail.



It has been noted that the 81-year-old US President is facing mounting calls to step aside following his disastrous debate performance on Thursday, with sources telling The Mail on Sunday that many believe he was purposely set up to fail.

A former aide to Hillary Clinton said: ‘There has never been a debate this early before. Traditionally the debates are held after the Republican and Democratic conventions, which are in July and August.

‘Most years the first debate is early September ahead of the November election.

‘Biden’s inner circle demanded this early debate. There is a growing belief this was a ‘soft coup’ because they know he isn’t fit to govern and have known for some time.

‘They wanted to test him against Trump early, while there was still time to replace him if he failed to rise to the occasion. Which, of course, he did spectacularly.’

Another source said: ‘The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. Publicly the Democratic leadership has been backing Biden because they can’t appear to be disloyal to the President, but privately there have been discussions going on for a long time that he’s too old to beat Trump.

‘There were whispers for weeks that ‘Joe’s going down at the debate’.’

One of the favourites to replace Biden – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, 52 – secretly sent an advance team to Washington DC ‘weeks ago’ to prepare for her possible presidential run.

The team has been ‘on manoeuvres’, meeting with Democratic officials. The source said: ‘Gretchen was the first to act. Now the floodgates have been opened.’

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