Former Creative Writer Says Triple H is Wrong Opponent for Brock Lesnar

Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer recently spoke with Steven Muehlhausen on why he thinks Triple H is the wrong opponent for Brock Lesnar at this years SummerSlam pay-per-view.



“He’s (Lesnar) a top a draw. It’s just how you apply a talent like that. Its kind of like, you look at movies. Everyone lays an egg, a rotten egg. But there’s still a lot of box office power behind them. You just gotta find the next one. The followup is critical for his success in WWE. I don’t feel Triple H is the right matchup for a lot of reasons both mechanically in the ring and in terms of long term investment.

If they (WWE) are really paying Brock Lesnar five million dollars for 20-25 dates and they brought in Paul Heyman for dollar X for X amount of dates. Do you believe that’s helping the company’s future by having Triple H beat him or lose to him when there’s so many, so many young talent that could use that TV exposure, could use that win if they are going to beat Brock Lesnar or even losing to Brock Lesnar look better? Triple H is not even a part-time wrestler at this point. So you really have to question the decision making going on there.”

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