Cris Cyborg Drops Chuck Liddell Arrest Bombshell

Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg recently suggested that it may well be a result of CTE that former UFC champion Chuck Liddell was arrested for domestic abuse. Liddell is one of several former/current fighters who have recently been convicted of domestic abuse, with both Jon Jones and Luis Pena having also been arrested in the last month alone.



Cris Cyborg opens up on the arrest

Likely in response to Liddell’s arrest, Cris Cyborg took to Twitter to raise her concerns. She noted that due to MMA still being a relatively new sport, the long-term repercussions of the often concussive fights may be causing CTE. Daniel Cormier Reveals ‘Rigged’ Tyson Fury Fight?

She stated that:

“One of the first signs of widespread CTE in the NFL came when close family members started to notice violent changes in their loved ones personalities. We are still new to the sport of MMA and just now discovering the lasting effects of competition.”

Over the past decade, it has been noted that NFL players often suffer from CTE towards the end of their career and into their retirements. There have even been cases, such as Aaron Hernandez, where it has been discovered that athletes in their mid-twenties are already suffering from it.

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