Cris Cyborg Posts Beach Photo With Daughter

Former UFC star Cris Cyborg has posted a beautiful new beach photo with her daughter.



Cyborg recently appeared with Jake Paul in his music video criticizing Dana White’s payment of UFC fighters.

The reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou has been aimed with a shot. The former UFC two-division Randy Couture supported the comments of the heavyweight king Mark Hunt. “The Natural” spoke out against the UFC’s practices and also issued a warning to “The Predator” based on his own experience of dealing with the company’s top management.

Randy Couture blasts Francis Ngannou’s payscale

Couture recently spoke with Ariel Helwani on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour:

“(The UFC will) drag Francis into court and try to bleed him of the money that he has accrued to his fighting. And at some point, you have to make a decision on what you want to do,”

Another heavyweight legend showed his support for Ngannou. MMA veteran Mark Hunt recently spoke to Submission Radio and took aim at the UFC for Ngannou’s reported salary.

“If I was Francis, yeah, stop living on your knees, man. Stop being one of those guys that says, yeah, yeah, okay. I mean, I could have been one of those guys, I could have gotten a couple million. I could have had five or six more million from a couple more contracts for this company,” Hunt said.

“But I had enough. I’m sick of them doing this to me all the time. Whether I won the fight or not, they just kept putting these guys back in the circle and saying ah, let’s give him a fight and put him back in.”

“With Ngannou, of course, he should sit out, of course, he should look at his other options. To be the man in MMA and getting paid $500 – $600,000 is a fricking joke. I just explained to you, I got paid $950k six years ago (for the Justin Willis fight), and I never had the belt. So, that right there goes to show you how much these guys are getting exploited.”

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