Cris Cyborg Posts Only Fans Video For UFC 280

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Cris Cyborg posted her live reaction video for UFC 280 on her Only Fans page, as seen below.



Former UFC star Anderson Silva was recently spotted with UFC star Cris Cyborg.

Anderson Silva opens up on possibly losing to Logan Paul

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul is set to face former UFC star Anderson Silva on October 29. With the possibility of losing to a former YouTuber turned 5-0 pro boxer, Silva explained that his mindset entering the bout in a recent sitdown with the Nelk Boys on the Full Send podcast:

“A fight is a fight. It’s a mission. You have the soldiers and you train your soldiers for the mission. And sometimes, you lose the mission. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win,” he said. But I training for win. I don’t training for lose. And the fight happens, I win, OK, I’m win. I lose? Keep doing, let’s go. I don’t go (in there) to lose.”

Silva had restarted his pro boxing career last year and he has made it about showing respect for the sport more than anything else:

“I don’t know (if) I go knock out Jake Paul or not. But I promise I go prove my respect for boxing world. That’s my goal. I train with the GOAT Olympic game guy in boxing. That’s why I train (with) professional boxers. That’s why I do my best every day. That’s what I need to do, prove my respect for boxing. Boxing’s very interesting because not to disrespect other sports, but in boxing, a lot of people die to make the sport huge. A lot of people lost everything to make the sport huge. I can’t come to the sport and don’t do my best and prove my respect for boxing. It’s not about knocking out Jake Paul or knocking out other opponents. It’s just go inside and prove your respect for boxing.”